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15 and 18
She is 15, he’s 18
She wanted to kiss him but he wanted to kill her
The monster kept trapping her in his vines
So that he can kill her in order to be banished for eternity
The secret Japanese government saved her life on time
Just as the 18-year-old got her out of there on time
But he was about to die
And then she stepped to save him
She was 15, he’s 18
He kept on being a pervert to her school clothing
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Godzilla Monster Planet new monster my version by ShinResurgence Godzilla Monster Planet new monster my version :iconshinresurgence:ShinResurgence 0 1 Who sold you the drugs? by ShinResurgence Who sold you the drugs? :iconshinresurgence:ShinResurgence 1 1 Telephones aren't cursed Eddy their plastic by ShinResurgence Telephones aren't cursed Eddy their plastic :iconshinresurgence:ShinResurgence 3 0 GodzillaMonsterPlanet NewKaiju by ShinResurgence GodzillaMonsterPlanet NewKaiju :iconshinresurgence:ShinResurgence 9 3
Noah: The Great Flooding
More human beings began to multiply on Earth as sons and daughters were born. The Lord observed the wickedness of the human race and saw that everything was thought or imagined to be evil. He was sorry that he ever made them and put them on the planet that he said to wipe out the human race, including large animals, smalls ones and scurry ones, but also the birds. The story of Noah begins when he and his family: his wife and three sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth. Noah was a righteous man living on Earth at the time he had a close relationship with God. Noah and his family built a large boat from cypress wood and water-proofed it from the inside and with tar. The boat was 450 feet long, 75 feet wide, and 45 feet high. Altogether, Noah, his wife, their sons and their wives, brought every pair of two of each animals from male to female, including birds. For the next 40 days and 40 nights, rain came pouring down from the skies as they grew deeper covering the Earth. All living things on the pl
:iconshinresurgence:ShinResurgence 1 7
Genesis 1-5: Adam and Eve
In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth. He made light (day), darkness (night), sky, ground, water, trees, plants, land and mountains. He then created animals (sky, sea, ground, large and scurry) and us human beings. He created Adam from the ground, but he didn’t want him to be alone, so, he created Eve to be with him. After their creation, God warned the pair to not eat fruit from the center of the Garden of Eden which if they do, they will die. Satan convinced Eve to eat the fruit from the tree of life and after that, both her and Adam received sight and they found themselves shamefully naked, but covered their private parts with leaves. Soon, Adam and Eve gave birth to two boys, Cain and Abel. Cain killed Abel and was banished by God. 3:24, a man leave his father and mother and is joined to his wife and the two are united. Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel. Enoch, Irad, Mehujeal, Methusheal, Lamench, Adah, Zillah, Jabal, Jubal, Tubal-cain, Naamah, Seth, Enosh, Kenan, Ma
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AFJO: Dinosaurs by ShinResurgence AFJO: Dinosaurs :iconshinresurgence:ShinResurgence 3 1 Ancient Futures Jurassic Outpost title by ShinResurgence Ancient Futures Jurassic Outpost title :iconshinresurgence:ShinResurgence 1 0
Twelve of Us
My brothers and sister
Here we are going around the world
Preaching the word of Messiah
There is no telling what he will do
Bust we must trust in him, rely on him, and depend
We are strong, we not weak against the evil
I am in charge
Not even Moll
On the third day
We shall not see
As long as Jesus took my hand
I may now stand against the devil himself
I changed my to nice and kind
I now care for the ones I love
:iconshinresurgence:ShinResurgence 1 0
Ye Shall Not Commit Sin
She got arrested for affair
We was sentenced to death
He did not forgive her
She got judge for their blood
And it’s all over Jesus hands
he was banned from facebook
For posting about Abraham
He forced him to gamble
And to give up his $20
People are breaking God’s commandments
If you knew the things you committed in your life
You knew where you was going and imagine how hot it is
Depart me from ye who commit sin
This is the last draw of your second chance
You can be my friend if you want Jesus
Are you scared that’s just fine
Say it, and say it twice (Judas betrayed you in your day of divorce)
You could be my friend if wasn’t such a liar
Stay in the race, never give
You’re going to hell for all 40 sins
Ye shall not commit sins
He’s not judging you for what put on the internet
But he is judging for breaking his 7 commandments
You evil sinner
go wash your uncleansed spirit in the holy water
You shall be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ
And accept him
:iconshinresurgence:ShinResurgence 1 0
Santa knows that you asleep on Christmas
Santa leaves you a ton of gifts
Have you been naughty or nice
He can tell you or know by your own heart
Santa or Krampus on Christmas
Don’t be fooled by your own Christians
How could Kwanza again compete with Christmas
I can make you happy once
Give me another word with my personality
Merry Christmas to one and all
And if your not happy once again
What is this holiday Christmas
Why do we celebrate this holiday
Today we will do our Christmas
I cut open something in my mind
When I open my gifts and I found my album
I can’t stop doing do deed for Jesus
I can start turning away from sins
When you make a choice and its on Hanukkah
Stop that Jesus was born on a barn
And it is his birthday
We need to celebrate it
:iconshinresurgence:ShinResurgence 0 0
Today is a brand new year
And I gave thanks to our Lord
And I gave thanks to his son
I do not care if the world comes to an end
I am going to have fun this year
Oh my God you scream my name and I said that’s not okay
Go depart
Oh I scream love at you
It is Jesus Christ
The devil told you no but you did it anyway
Repent yourself to Jesus in Heaven
And then your soul shall be saved
I’m all myself
I do not know about preaching
Wish I wasn’t so absent minded
I do not care if the world comes to an end
I am going to have fun this year
[Chorus 2x]
Every time that I scream
I shall receive God’s word
It’s time for me to go away
Believe in him
:iconshinresurgence:ShinResurgence 1 0
He's Already Here
Oh, you must be born again in holy water
Do not let Satan fool you just believe in Jesus
This is my life
I not only believe in God but Jesus
I choose to give my to him
Because I need salvation
It is not the end of the world as we know it yet
We got time to confess our sins
Turn away from your sins and accept him as a friend
And then you will be saved
Jesus is a loving God in our names
We must trust, rely and depend on him
I choose to accept and believe in him
This is how my life is going to change until I die
When I return to my body from an outer experience
He’s already here
:iconshinresurgence:ShinResurgence 0 0
Life is Fair
Today is the day we shall celebrate
But I am falling in love with you
I don’t feel sorry for you, baby
Nobody cares where this is going down
But do not fare asteroids
Don’t be afraid of our universe dying
That will happen millions of years from today
What Jesus wants
Jesus gets
He’ll be the man who will save us all
Why do you gotta care whether or not life is fair
Life is fair
If I’m dreaming of another day
Perfect as life goes on
This could be happy ever after
Kiss the Earth and just hold on to Jesus
Because when the world comes to an end
He will be waiting and ready to take Christians
Let me open our planet with a great earthquake
Men what Jesus wants
Then Jesus gets
He’ll be the man who will save us all
Why do you gotta care whether or not life is fair
Life is fair
:iconshinresurgence:ShinResurgence 0 0
When the full moon rises people commit crimes like farrow dogs
They go crazy like I don’t care
Looking to fid
Awaken the beast
A night after night
Jesus you took twelve of my own people
I just wonder why Satan can’t kill a werewolf
Like what the heck can’t a silver bullet hit the heart
:iconshinresurgence:ShinResurgence 0 0


Primal Emperor Series RAMARAK by KingShisa08 Primal Emperor Series RAMARAK :iconkingshisa08:KingShisa08 10 8 Primal Emperor Series SKULL CRAWLER by KingShisa08 Primal Emperor Series SKULL CRAWLER :iconkingshisa08:KingShisa08 8 8 113 by uterus666AD 113 :iconuterus666ad:uterus666AD 5 0 NECA Shin Godzilla by KaijuMaster107 NECA Shin Godzilla :iconkaijumaster107:KaijuMaster107 3 6 Male Unidentified MUTO by AcroSauroTaurus Male Unidentified MUTO :iconacrosaurotaurus:AcroSauroTaurus 19 0 Destroy All Monsters toys #3 by PedroAugusto14 Destroy All Monsters toys #3 :iconpedroaugusto14:PedroAugusto14 1 0 King Kong vs the T-Rex - Greyscale by hawanja King Kong vs the T-Rex - Greyscale :iconhawanja:hawanja 18 1 HB Godzilla vs RB King Kong! by Koku-chan HB Godzilla vs RB King Kong! :iconkoku-chan:Koku-chan 16 4 Kong Skull Island Fanmade Soundtrack by leivbjerga Kong Skull Island Fanmade Soundtrack :iconleivbjerga:leivbjerga 6 0 Call of Duty: Nuclear Advertisement by theryanjake11 Call of Duty: Nuclear Advertisement :icontheryanjake11:theryanjake11 2 0 Stylized still life in vitrage technique by Vi-Ns Stylized still life in vitrage technique :iconvi-ns:Vi-Ns 1 0 Godzilla Shipping Meme by gojira19544 Godzilla Shipping Meme :icongojira19544:gojira19544 1 1 (SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!)Kong Defeats the SkullCrawler by SMASHBRO164 (SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!)Kong Defeats the SkullCrawler :iconsmashbro164:SMASHBRO164 1 0 King Caesar 1974 by C0RRUPT3D-G3M King Caesar 1974 :iconc0rrupt3d-g3m:C0RRUPT3D-G3M 20 9 Gamera '15 by C0RRUPT3D-G3M Gamera '15 :iconc0rrupt3d-g3m:C0RRUPT3D-G3M 48 21 King Caesar 2004 by C0RRUPT3D-G3M King Caesar 2004 :iconc0rrupt3d-g3m:C0RRUPT3D-G3M 34 16

Release date: 8/1/2017
The DVD cover is for real. Funimation has officially announced the release date of Shin Godzilla/Resurgence. The movie is going to be in English dub so please wait patiently for the next two months pass by before you know it is even August already.…
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I am very strict christian who loves draw pictures of Jesus Christ, giant monsters fighting one another to death, love a lot of cartoons, anime and sitcom. I love the Power Rangers too as well.


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