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Bullying Christian people by ShinResurgence Bullying Christian people :iconshinresurgence:ShinResurgence 0 5
Second Coming of Christ 1948
Jesus came to me in a dream
He asked why am I drawing a fig tree
And I said “because I am interested in this stuff”
And I haven’t given up reading the scripture
He took to heaven and hell and I came back
I told the truth and everybody believed in me
Thank you Lord
:iconshinresurgence:ShinResurgence 1 0
The Last Supper
Here is Jesus
Breaking bread and giving thanks, he poured wine
This is the last meal with his disciples before he died
If you don’t fear love
I was told to not speak of it
How could you betray us Judas?
He turned him over to a female Pilate
Trust in God (3x)
And you will have eternal life
Stay awake in my class and mind your own business
They crucified Jesus instead of saving his life
How rude
But that’s okay he forgives for centuries
Mankind loves him so much
They whipped him 40 times until he given a crown of thorns
I can’t wait read the book of life
:iconshinresurgence:ShinResurgence 1 0
You can’t join the stampede
You’re not that strong enough
You must be that big
If you don’t get out of my face
You wanna play sister act2?
Or go see 2014?
How many times have you I told you not to play that 7 minute long remix?
I still prefer that over the original
But I cannot make a choice
No, no, no, no
[Chorus] No
I’m Stephen Hawking predicting the end
That gigantic black hole just swallowed my golden heart
Go go Jurassic Park 4
You are up against Godzilla and super megaforce
No, I don’t want dino charge I want cyber corps
Happy April Fools Hiam Saban!!!!
How many times have you I told you not to play that 7 minute long remix?
I still prefer that over the original
But I cannot make a choice
No, no, no, no
I gotta job and a life
I am not loser like my friends
Thank God I got away from those fools
Rats I miss 2013
What’s the matter with the crazy b***h
Sailor Moon was way better than her
“Shake It Off” was the best hit in November
:iconshinresurgence:ShinResurgence 2 0
Stop Abusing Me
Stop abusing me
Stop mistreating me
Stop telling me to speak up in class
Stop talking back to my damn face
Stop picking on me
Stop treating me like trash
you better start treating me with respect
Either that or else I am going to leave
I have had enough chances with life itself
I just wanna start my life all over
And this time I’ll treat them nice
I am sick and tired of you
I really need to get away
The ten of you are driving me mad
I gotta go far away from you
:iconshinresurgence:ShinResurgence 1 0
15 and 18
She is 15, he’s 18
She wanted to kiss him but he wanted to kill her
The monster kept trapping her in his vines
So that he can kill her in order to be banished for eternity
The secret Japanese government saved her life on time
Just as the 18-year-old got her out of there on time
But he was about to die
And then she stepped to save him
She was 15, he’s 18
He kept on being a pervert to her school clothing
:iconshinresurgence:ShinResurgence 0 0
Godzilla Monster Planet new monster my version by ShinResurgence Godzilla Monster Planet new monster my version :iconshinresurgence:ShinResurgence 0 3 Who sold you the drugs? by ShinResurgence Who sold you the drugs? :iconshinresurgence:ShinResurgence 1 2 Telephones aren't cursed Eddy their plastic by ShinResurgence Telephones aren't cursed Eddy their plastic :iconshinresurgence:ShinResurgence 5 0 GodzillaMonsterPlanet NewKaiju by ShinResurgence GodzillaMonsterPlanet NewKaiju :iconshinresurgence:ShinResurgence 9 3
Noah: The Great Flooding
More human beings began to multiply on Earth as sons and daughters were born. The Lord observed the wickedness of the human race and saw that everything was thought or imagined to be evil. He was sorry that he ever made them and put them on the planet that he said to wipe out the human race, including large animals, smalls ones and scurry ones, but also the birds. The story of Noah begins when he and his family: his wife and three sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth. Noah was a righteous man living on Earth at the time he had a close relationship with God. Noah and his family built a large boat from cypress wood and water-proofed it from the inside and with tar. The boat was 450 feet long, 75 feet wide, and 45 feet high. Altogether, Noah, his wife, their sons and their wives, brought every pair of two of each animals from male to female, including birds. For the next 40 days and 40 nights, rain came pouring down from the skies as they grew deeper covering the Earth. All living things on the pl
:iconshinresurgence:ShinResurgence 1 7
Genesis 1-5: Adam and Eve
In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth. He made light (day), darkness (night), sky, ground, water, trees, plants, land and mountains. He then created animals (sky, sea, ground, large and scurry) and us human beings. He created Adam from the ground, but he didn’t want him to be alone, so, he created Eve to be with him. After their creation, God warned the pair to not eat fruit from the center of the Garden of Eden which if they do, they will die. Satan convinced Eve to eat the fruit from the tree of life and after that, both her and Adam received sight and they found themselves shamefully naked, but covered their private parts with leaves. Soon, Adam and Eve gave birth to two boys, Cain and Abel. Cain killed Abel and was banished by God. 3:24, a man leave his father and mother and is joined to his wife and the two are united. Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel. Enoch, Irad, Mehujeal, Methusheal, Lamench, Adah, Zillah, Jabal, Jubal, Tubal-cain, Naamah, Seth, Enosh, Kenan, Ma
:iconshinresurgence:ShinResurgence 0 0
AFJO: Dinosaurs by ShinResurgence AFJO: Dinosaurs :iconshinresurgence:ShinResurgence 3 1 Ancient Futures Jurassic Outpost title by ShinResurgence Ancient Futures Jurassic Outpost title :iconshinresurgence:ShinResurgence 0 0
Twelve of Us
My brothers and sister
Here we are going around the world
Preaching the word of Messiah
There is no telling what he will do
Bust we must trust in him, rely on him, and depend
We are strong, we not weak against the evil
I am in charge
Not even Moll
On the third day
We shall not see
As long as Jesus took my hand
I may now stand against the devil himself
I changed my to nice and kind
I now care for the ones I love
:iconshinresurgence:ShinResurgence 1 0
Ye Shall Not Commit Sin
She got arrested for affair
We was sentenced to death
He did not forgive her
She got judge for their blood
And it’s all over Jesus hands
he was banned from facebook
For posting about Abraham
He forced him to gamble
And to give up his $20
People are breaking God’s commandments
If you knew the things you committed in your life
You knew where you was going and imagine how hot it is
Depart me from ye who commit sin
This is the last draw of your second chance
You can be my friend if you want Jesus
Are you scared that’s just fine
Say it, and say it twice (Judas betrayed you in your day of divorce)
You could be my friend if wasn’t such a liar
Stay in the race, never give
You’re going to hell for all 40 sins
Ye shall not commit sins
He’s not judging you for what put on the internet
But he is judging for breaking his 7 commandments
You evil sinner
go wash your uncleansed spirit in the holy water
You shall be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ
And accept him
:iconshinresurgence:ShinResurgence 1 0


White snow by Eyeswideshut00 White snow :iconeyeswideshut00:Eyeswideshut00 272 32 Crossdressing nurse with white pantyhose by riosarayama
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This user account (LordBranFlakes) has no respect for Jesus Christ, our lord and savior who died on a cross to forgive our sins. I apologized to him after our argument, but he didn't forgive me and admit that Jesus is real. I am posting this journal to teach him a lesson to not make fun of/tease people in real life or on the internet. If he sees this, he better learn how to forgive others or otherwise he shall not be forgiven for his sins if does not apologies to me.
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I am very strict christian who loves draw pictures of Jesus Christ, giant monsters fighting one another to death, love a lot of cartoons, anime and sitcom. I love the Power Rangers too as well.


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